When Summer Comes
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Frederick Moyer, PIANIST
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When Summer Comes (1995) (Peterson)
My One and Only Love (Wood/Melin)
Georgia On My Mind (Carmichael/Gorrell)
When Summer Comes (1981) (Peterson)
The Shadow of your Smile (Mandel/Webster)
Very Early (Evans/Hall)
Only Trust your Heart (Carter/Cahn)
Misty (Garner/Burke)
All Of Me (Simons/Marks)
It Might As Well Be Spring (Rodgers/Hammerstein)
Up Jumped Spring (Hubbard)
Fred is excited to announce the release of his first improvised jazz CD: When Summer Comes. Recorded on a gorgeous Steinway concert grand, the tunes are mostly well-loved standards but include a few lesser-known ones by Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans, and even one by me. This is a quiet intimate CD -- hopefully nice to listen to when you are in a thoughtful mood, and even something to have in the background. 
“When Summer Comes is indeed a fine portrait of an inspired, involved pianist with a magnificent emotional feel for the jazz topic. A melodic purist, Moyer covers workhorses such as Errol Garner's “Misty,” a double serving of Peterson's “When Summer Comes,” and Evans's “Very Early” without fawning to either the artists or the weight of the selections . . . a Grand Canyon panorama of beautiful touch, expression, and rhythmic nuance. Well-known melodies take on mildly different, intriguing colorings where nothing is square-edged, forced or faked. Dynamically, is a gem.”

“The highlight of this record is the beautiful sound Moyer lures from the piano. He achieves clarity and brilliance in each note . . . Whether jazz aficionado or novice, the listener can appreciate Moyer's accessible renditions of tunes combined with the sheer beauty and tranquil mood he creates.”

“Often when a pianist releases an album of standards we think that it's going to be just another box of stale biscuits all over again! Mr. Moyer made sure that that would not be the case . . . an honest effort by an artist with great ardour and true regard for our standards... and for his craft.”