"Treasure Island" By Robert Louis Stevenson, Read By Benjamin Luxon
Catalog Number: J128

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Benjamin Luxon, SPEAKER
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Chapter 1: The Old Sea-dog at the Admiral Benbow
Chapter 2: Black Dog Appears and Disappears
Chapter 3: The Black Spot
Chapter 4: The Sea-chest
Chapter 5: The Last of the Blind Man
Chapter 6:The Captain's Papers
Chapter 7: I Go to Bristol
Chapter 8: At the Sign of the Spy-glass
Chapter 9: Powder and Arms
Chapter 10: The Voyage
Chapter 11: What I Heard in the Apple Barrel
Chapter 12: Council of War
Chapter 13: How My Shore Adventure Began
Chapter 14: The First Blow
Chapter 15: The Man of the Island
Chapter 16: Narrative Continued by the Doctor, How the Ship Was Abandoned
Chapter 17: Narrative Continued by the Doctor, The Jolly-boat's Last Trip
Chapter 18: Narrative Continued by the Doctor, End of the First Day's Fighting
Chapter 19: Narrative Resumed by Jim Hawkins, The Garrison in the Stockade
Chapter 20: Silver's Embassy
Chapter 21: The Attack
Chapter 22: How My Sea Adventure Began
Chapter 23: The Ebb-tide Runs
Chapter 24: The Cruise of the Coracle
Chapter 25: I Strike the Jolly Roger
Chapter 26: Israel Hands
Chapter 27: Pieces of Eight
Chapter 28: In the Enemy's Camp
Chapter 29: The Black Spot Again
Chapter 30: On Parole
Chapter 31: The Treasure-hunt, Flint's Pointer
Chapter 32: The Treasure-hunt, The Voice Among the Trees
Chapter 33: The Fall of a Chieftain
Chapter 34: And Last
This is a new venture for JRI Recordings: an audio book. No music. Just the magnificent dramatic voice of Benjamin Luxon reading Treasure Island. This is a totally unabridged version of the tale, with a running time of 6 hours and 44 minutes.

Perhaps the greatest story of piracy and the search for a fabulous buried treasure ever penned. Meet this cast of extraordinary characters brought vividly to life by the voice and interpretive skill of Benjamin Luxon: once one of Britain's leading international singers, now turning his considerable talents to the spoken word. 
"Benjamin Luxon's lively narration kept the audience enthralled. . . . Performances like this should open many new ears ...." THE LONDON TIMES

"An artist of subtle and dramatic gifts..." GRAMAPHONE