Haydn Piano Sonatas
Catalog Number: J126

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Chad R. Bowles, PIANIST
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Piano Sonata in E-flat Major, Hob. XVI:49
Adagio E Cantabile
Finale: Tempo di Minuet
Piano Sonata in B-flat Major, Hob. XVI:41
Allegro di molto
Piano Sonata in B Minor, Hob. XVI:32
Allegro Moderato
Finale: Presto
Piano Sonata in E Major, Hob. XVI:31
Finale: Presto
Piano Sonata in C Major, Hob XVI:50
Allegro molto
JRI Recordings is proud to present the Debut recording of American pianist Chad R. Bowles. A rising star in the piano world, Chad's playing is marked by an ideal combination of innate musicianship and stunning virtuosity which has served him well in performances across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. His pianism is ideally suited to the wit, color, and ingeniousness of Haydn's writing, making this a Debut to be reckoned with - not to mention a breath of fresh air to the current Haydn catalog! 
"Haydn: Seek No Further! Bowles’ steady, buoyant rhythm is enlivened by his response to the nuances of Haydn’s articulation. He has fast fingers, makes sense of the ornaments, and “gets” Haydn’s jokes ... Happily, he lets the 2nd movement (Hob. XVI:49), the most extended and expressive slow movement in any of the sonatas, unfold unhurriedly with playing of great care and delicacy ... In Bowles’ performance (Hob. XVI:32), the minuet, here functioning as the sonata’s slow movement, is played with touching simplicity, and the outer movements are brilliantly controlled. This is a well chosen selection of Haydn’s sonatas. Bowles’ enthusiastic playing and clear recorded sound make it a success. Recommended." CLASSICAL VOICE OF NEW ENGLAND

"...this instrument—in the hands of this pianist and recording engineer Zane Baker—is warm and vibrant, producing a rainbow of colors ... Bowles plays with uninhibited imagination and sweep; one feels he loves this music, even before reading his program notes ... wit, zest, and the unexpected are on display throughout ... I’m usually serious and attentive when listening, but Bowles had me laughing and dancing during the Presto finale of the E-Major Sonata. I recommend this disc as the starting point for anyone not familiar with Haydn’s sonatas ... If you are already familiar, if you delight in this music as I do, all the more reason to catch up with Mr. Bowles." FANFARE MAGAZINE

"Bowles is brisk and to the point...with a heady sound and great elan. Bowles is bracing, classical, and refreshing. He studied with Earl Wild, and his Haydn reminds me of Mr. Wild's Mozart; his teacher's influence is benevolent." AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

"American pianist Chad R. Bowles carves out a distinctive niche among the many recordings of Haydn's keyboard sonatas available. Bowles' approach is tough, sinewy, and directed toward the contrapuntal framework in these works that are usually so much associated with surface wit...The rise of the first movement opening Piano Sonata in E flat major, Hob. 16/49, to its high points, seemingly chiseled out of a cluster of dissonances, is worth the price of admission by itself...The entire album is absorbing...the playing throughout is technically solid, thought out in detail, and independent. An impressive release made in the far corners of a country where classical music is sometimes thought to be under siege." ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"Mr. Bowles' playing is muscular, well articulated, energetic and precise. He presents the counterpoint with clarity and balance ... The recording quality is excellent ... The sound is full and smooth, and staccato is well caught." MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL