"Tribute": Jazz Arts Trio
Catalog Number: J124

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Jazz Arts Trio,
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Something's Coming (originally by the Oscar Peterson Trio)
Tin Tin Deo (orig. by the Oscar Peterson Trio)
Bossa Beguine (orig. by the Oscar Peterson Trio)
Watch What Happens (orig. by the Oscar Peterson Trio)
Close To You (orig. by the Erroll Garner Quartet)
My Foolish Heart (orig. by the Bill Evans Trio)
Freeway (orig. by the Vince Guaraldi Trio)
First Trip (orig. by the Herbie Hancock Trio)
Lonely Woman (orig. by the Horace Silver Trio)
You Look Good To Me (orig. by the Oscar Peterson Trio)
Blues Etude (orig. by the Oscar Peterson Trio)
This is the debut recording of what can safely be called the only jazz group of its kind. The Jazz Arts Trio bridges the gap between classical music and jazz through note-for-note reinterpretations of historic moments in jazz.

The Jazz Arts Trio does not simply imitate. Rather, the three musicians infuse the music with their own vitality and interpretations, much the way a chamber music ensemble approaches Bach or Beethoven. This “classical” approach to jazz breaks down genre boundaries, delighting long-time jazz enthusiasts as well as those new to this great music. And classical music lovers will thrill to the Jazz Arts Trio's high level of artistry and technical prowess as applied to this most classic of American art forms. 
“An important addition to the jazz genre ... inspiring to behold ... these performances stand on their own, no less legitimate than brilliant performances of Beethoven or Mozart by contemporary classical masters.” JAZZ.COM

"All selections are polished and vibrantly delivered ... It certainly is quite a monumental undertaking to reproduce these performances of Oscar and his trio, both to capture the technical wizardry and artistic sensitivity of Oscar’s playing and to also render well the significantly worked out arrangements by the trio, and Moyer and his trio do both impressively. CADENCE

“Will leave you breathless ... This trio succeeds where other jazz trios fall light ... they renew our hopes about the staying power of our beloved jazz idiom ... a jazz trio to be reckoned with.” EJAZZNEWS.COM

“The trio's performance of the transcription of Bill Evans' 1961 Village Vanguard version of "My Foolish Heart" illustrates the chops and artistry of its members. Moyer proves a careful study of piano styles. His play on Evans has the same light, ethereal touch of the originator, like a wisp of mist. Tillotson's Scott LaFaro impersonation is impressive, if understated, and Fraenkel's Paul Motian is dead on.” ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM

“Moyer’s light and clean sound is perfectly suited for Oscar Peterson’s breezy swing on the clever and tricky‘Something’s Coming’ and the shifting rhythms of ‘Bossa Beguine.’ Evans’ ‘My Foolish Heart’ has a Debussyish spaciousness, and Hancock’s ‘First Trip’ has an airy joy to it ... Quite unique in concept, with a bravo performance.” JAZZWEEKLY.COM