Sergei Rachmaninoff: Piano Works
Catalog Number: J106

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Frederick Moyer, PIANIST
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Bach: (arranged by Rachmaninoff): Three Movements from Violin Partita in E Major
i. Preludio
ii. Gavotte
iii. Gigue
Rachmaninoff: Ten Preludes, Opus 23
No. 1 in F-sharp Minor
No. 2 in B-flat Major
No. 3 in D Minor
No. 4 in D Major
No. 5 in G Minor
No. 6 in E-flat Major
No. 7 in C Minor
No. 8 in A-flat Major
No. 9 in E-flat Minor
No. 10 in G-flat Major
Rachmaninoff: Three Etudes-Tableaux
Op. 33, No. 3 in C Minor
Op. 39, No. 6 in A Minor
Op. 39, No. 9 in D Major
“Reminiscent of (dare we say it?) Horowitz.” INDIANAPOLIS STAR

“Moyer gives excellent performances…and upon my first listen, I was surprised at the number of notes I've not heard in other artists' recordings of these Preludes due to overdramatic, sloppy playing on their part…This CD is proof that clean and disciplined do not have to mean ‘sterile.’ What a refreshing performance!” AMAZON.COM REVIEW

“Prior to obtaining this recording, I already had recordings of the Complete Preludes by Alexis Weissenberg and Constance Keene. Each of these recordings has individual pieces that are special for me, but Mr. Moyer's recording is the one I reach for most often…This is an excellent single CD to introduce one to the beauty of Rachmaninoff's music. I urge you to get it.” AMAZON.COM REVIEW