Tovey and Kodaly: Two sonatas for solo cello
Catalog Number: J112

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Nancy Green, CELLIST
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Tovey: Sonata in D for Solo Cello, Op. 30
Allegro con brio ma maestoso
Allegretto ma non troppo
Kodaly: Sonata for Solo Cello, Op. 8
Allegro maestoso ma appassionato
Allegro molto vivace
“This may be the first recording of the Tovey work, which was inspired by Bach's unaccompanied cello works. Its closing Passacaglia is the longest movement and it accelerates and becomes more complex and driving as it approaches a slam-bang close. The Kodaly sonata has been recorded a number of times; it may be the best-known unaccompanied 20th century work for cello…she seems to better communicate emotion and feeling, and her cello sound is closer and warmer-sounding than (Yo-Yo) Ma's.” AUDIOPHILE AUDITION

“The present recording is little less than phenomenal…utterly mesmerizing in its impact, insight and thrilling virtuosity…Nancy Green has the true measure of this taxing and elusive work, laying bare its muscularity and intellectual cogency in a reading of colossal presence and impulse…A brilliant achievement.” FANFARE

“The year 2000 has been an intriguing listening year…each of the CDs below has, in its own way, stopped me in my tracks…Cellist Nancy Green's Tovey solo-sonata interpretation seemed to me to be the most convincing and eloquent I'd heard of this work, and one may only hope that performances of this stature will invite new contenders to tackle this monumentally difficult but magnetic work.” FANFARE

“(Tovey's) three-movement sonata is replete with virtuosity, all carried off in a
first-rate fashion by Green…passion and earthiness…Green captures the excitement of the music…the results are strikingly original and engaging.” 21st CENTURY MUSIC

“Green comes close to Casals with her big, emphatic tones…In the Sonata of Kodaly she shows her complete technical potential. She goes after this hair-bristling difficult key work in the newer cello literature offensively and attains an impressive overall performance.” FONO FORUM